Take the Necessary Steps to Control Energy Billing and Save Energy

No one likes paying a high electric bill, which is why many have spent a lot of time trying to save energy. However, despite the time spent, they still don’t see much of a difference on their bill. It can get frustrating especially when you know that you’ve turned off every unused appliance or reduced the use of those that consume a lot of energy. This is why it is best to take the next step on energy management. You can control energy billing and finally see the difference with how much you are saving with energy consumption monitoring software.

Terra Firma Software Energy Management Solutions can help you start saving immediately with their new software, Copper. The first step to getting energy consumption monitoring software involves installing power meters on the designated sites. This could be in your office, factory or a building where you have tenants. Say for example you would like to save energy in your office; the power meters will be installed there. The data gathered by these power meters will be sent to a modem that will then transfer this to the Terra Firma Data Centre via a mobile network. Once received the data is analysed by automated systems, as well as the expert engineers at Terra Firma. This process will identify inefficiencies in your power usage from their end and will send you the information they have gathered via the online dashboard and bespoke monthly energy usage report. Now that you have all the information you need, you can control energy billing, reduce usage and begin saving hard-earned money!

It is good to know though that Terra Firma will make sure that you will be able to control energy billing with this energy consumption monitoring software by taking other necessary steps. Do not expect them to give you information you don’t understand, their experienced engineers will be available to explain and support you when reviewing you reports. Their experts will ensure that at the end of it all, you will be able to save energy with this energy management procedure. After all, what can’t be measured cannot be managed, so with the steps indicated above, the root cause of the problem will be determined, and corrective action can be taken.

More than the data you will be receiving, Terra Firma will also be giving you recommendations on how to actually save energy. This energy consumption monitoring software will be able to measure human usage and the performance of your electronic items that consume energy. You will be able to control energy billing if you know where to start saving. Perhaps an old machine has been using too much energy, knowing what its energy cost is will help you quickly assess if it’s worth replacing with a newer low energy version. If employees have been leaving the lights on at night when everyone is out of the office, you will be able to see this and work with them to setup processes to prevent this from happening. Situations like these and a whole lot more will be determined with energy management with the help of Terra Firma Solutions. As soon as you take this step, you will see the difference on your bill, and you will appreciate how much you are able to save.

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