Energy Management Software Features

Companies and buildings usually incur high energy bills that may restrict the profitability or even viability of a concern. Energy costs in South Africa are going up without showing any signs of letting up. It is up to building managers and company executives to come up with innovative ways of capping and even reducing energy costs for better performance of their projects. We have developed energy management software designed to ease the burden of managing energy consumption on our client’s shoulders and provide for efficient energy consumption. Our energy saving software is designed to be easy to use while offering useful and timely information to help users make changes to their behaviour that will in turn help reduce energy consumption and promote efficiency.

Some the Features of the Energy management software include:

Measurement and Management

To be able to reduce energy consumption inefficiencies, we have adopted a system where we measure current consumption levels so as to identify any wastage, this is one of the main features of our energy management software. The software makes this process as easy as possible by setting a usage pattern for each day. When consumption goes over this level, the numbers are totalled into a daily figure. My measuring wastage directly any improvements can be easily demonstrated.

Real time alerts

To ensure that you always have control over your energy system’s performance, you need to have real-time updates on consumption. Our energy management solutions include SMS notifications, dashboards and wallboards. All these are designed to provide users with real-time data on energy consumption among other things. Users can get notifications when security lights are on but should not be, as well as when generators come on among others. All this information is essential in helping users not only ensure efficient energy utilisation by making efforts prompted by the information as well as keep track of energy supply changes.


Energy management includes the efforts of everyone affected. For instance, users who are in charge of managing a building will have to keep everyone in the loop so as to help ensure that people change their behaviour and manage energy consumption more efficiently. Our energy management system makes use of foyer view dashboards that display energy consumption on a periodical basis as well as providing ways of better managing energy with respect to weather changes.

As a South African company executive or building manager, our energy management services can help everyone come on board with efficient energy consumption. One of the most important factors to keep in mind when it comes to energy management is the fact that everyone has a role to play all and with the above features this is made possible.