Why You Need Our Company Energy Management Software

Today, energy ranks as one of the limited resources on the planet. A lot of investment has gone into the development of energy saving and alternative energy production systems. This investment was made to provide solutions that reduce energy cost, reduce the demand for electricity and to create more reliable sources of energy. Apart from energy being an expensive resource, it is also vital to companies and industries for survival. Companies that consume large amounts of energy incur high energy costs that eat into their bottom line; our energy management systems are designed to help ensure that energy consumption is efficient.

To understand what we are offering it is important to take the time to learn how the entire process works. Below we will look at how our energy management systems work to help reduce wastage and make consumption as efficient as possible.

Once we sign a contract with a client, we start the process of helping them to reduce their energy bills and enhance energy efficiency. The first thing we do is to install energy meters at all sites. Energy meters measure consumption and produce data for transmission via GSM network to our energy management system. This data enables us to measure energy consumption trends and energy consumption patterns using our algorithms.

Once the data is downloaded to our servers, it is run through our innovative industrial energy management software. The analysis checks for consumption trends that are important in helping us to see where and how energy gets wasted. It is important to note that inefficiencies identified during the analysis phase are then paired with workable solutions to create a more efficient system.

After all the work has been done as explained above, we advise companies on the best solutions. This solution package makes it easier for people who are not energy professionals to see the real monetary savings that are possible. By pairing solutions with inefficiencies, clients can clearly project the savings to be made and, therefore, see the full value of our service to them.

In a country where energy costs are increasing rapidly, and margins are are shrinking. Any measures to save energy that result in the lowering of high energy bills may be the innovation your company needs to stay ahead in the South African market.