Energy Management Services to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Business

Have energy bills become a huge chunk of what could be your business profit? If so, you may have already tried energy management solutions, but was it helpful? If not, it may be time for you to get assistance from an energy management company. Thankfully, you can rely on Terra Firma Solutions, South Africa’s trusted Energy Management Solutions Company to help you.

Terra Firma Solutions has worked with many companies in many industries to help reduce energy costs. Terra Firma Solutions recognises that good energy usage data is key to implementing sustainable solutions. To help them do this they setup Terra Firma Software.

If you have a business with several tenants, you can get assistance with energy management services that make billing tenants fast and simple and also for energy saving projects that can reduce your energy cost and allow you to pass some of this onto your tenants. Terra Firma Software provides a tariff engine that can help you split municipal bills accurately, preventing under-billing that results in loss of revenue.

You will appreciate energy management solutions that Terra Firma Software can offer such as Copper, which helps in identifying inefficiencies in the energy cycle through installed power meters. You will be provided with assistance with energy management for your company with energy saving recommendations. This would be things like what can be changed with human interaction with particular appliances or what items are actually consuming more energy than expected. Implementation of Copper is simple, and energy management services can be provided straight away.

Copper is a highly recommended method of energy management for your company. After power meters are installed on the site where you want to implement energy saving changes, energy consumption data will be communicated via a cell network to the Terra Firma Software Data Centre. An automated system will then identify inefficiencies and recommendations will then be communicated back to you after being qualified by one of the engineers. From there, you can begin implementing changes so you can start reducing energy and saving money.

The success of your savings projects is often determined by how quickly and easily you can measure energy consumption. Good thing, Terra Firma Software provides you with real-time alerts to let you know if inefficiencies are occurring such as if lights are on when they shouldn’t be. You can also get live views through an interactive dashboard so you can monitor energy consumption across your tenants, factory or your business.

There are many ways for you to effectively implement energy management in your company; however, if you want to save a lot of effort and make a difference with energy saving, it would be best to consult with Terra Firma for reliable energy management services.