Why Your Business Should Be Using Energy Management Software

Maintaining a business is complicated. Producing great products and services in a competitive environment leaves little time to worry about much else. As a result, many business owners don’t think much about building energy management. They take for granted the accuracy of utility bills and that their bill is enough information to measure energy consumption. There is a lot of value in being able to see energy usage by day or even half hour. Knowing how much energy is used when no work is being done is one of the fastest ways to save energy. Wouldn’t it be great if you can save all that money that you are paying for your energy bills and let that go to your company’s revenue? Start conserving energy the right way now with an energy management system.

You can start with finding the right energy monitoring software partner. Terra Firma Software, a branch of Terra Firma Solutions which is one of South Africa’s most reputable energy efficiency management companies has come up with company energy management software that you will appreciate. You can begin building energy management processes in your company with Copper, an energy monitoring software application, which identifies inefficiencies in energy consumption. Once hardware installation is complete, a team of experts from Terra Firma Solutions will provide their recommendations on how you can conserve energy effectively. Solutions will be in the form of technical hardware solutions along with behavior changes that reduce energy consumption at no added cost. Monthly reports will help you track progress and adapt as your business grows and changes.

One of the most common reasons why energy is being wasted is because of human habits. With the right energy monitoring tools and software, you will be able to see when light were left on when no one is in the office or air conditioners are running when they should not. Information like this can help to change behavior without expensive equipment or down time. With energy management system experts looking into this data, recommendations will be provided on what needs to be done. They will do this by comparing the energy cost to the cost of the solution and work out the return on investment of the change.

If you have energy management software, you will be made aware of the changes you need to implement to create savings on your energy bill. If you have tenants, and you would need building energy management assistance, this can also be done. You can now ensure that you are not under-billing or overbilling your tenants. You can also receive real-time updates on your energy consumption with these energy monitoring tools and software so that you can make adjustments right away.