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No matter how much you try to conserve energy by turning off air-conditioners every so often, lessening the number of lights, shutting down printers and photocopiers that are not in use and so on, your electricity bill just seems to not budge. It gets frustrating at times because it seems like you have exerted all possible efforts in order for you to reduce energy costs but to no avail. What if there’s an energy management software that you can use for your company, which would finally allow you to save on electricity costs? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can just add on those savings to your company revenue and be amazed with a much improved annual financial report at the end of the year? Read on to know more about this amazing energy management for your company.

Terra Firma Software Energy Management Solutions brings you Copper, energy management software that guarantees you to finally successfully reduce energy costs. The system is fairly simple as it follows four steps: meters are installed, data is analysed, inefficiencies are identified then energy is reduced, so you begin to save.

This energy management system begins with installation of power meters in your company’s electricity feeds and key infrastructure. Through these meters, up-time and power usage is communicated. The data gathered through these meters are then securely sent to Terra Firma Software Energy Management Solutions via internal or cellular networks, which are then processed and analysed.

On a real-time basis, inefficiencies, usage and even the performance of your energy use are identified. Those inefficiencies are then studied and measured so that changes and solutions may be implemented. Expert engineers will be reviewing patterns of your company’s energy usage and will give you advice on how to efficiently and effectively conserve energy.

Ways on how to reduce energy costs based on your usage pattern vary. Key efficiency technologies may be applied, and changes may need to be implemented on inefficient equipment. However, you may also be given advice on human usage so adjustments may be made. This energy management software aims to finally put an end to your frustration on why your electricity bill continues to rise despite your efforts of conserving.

Terra Firma Software Energy Management Solutions believes the old adage that one “cannot manage what is not being measured”. This is why Copper has been invented. They believe that the most effective way in energy management is by finding out the root of the problem, identify causes and match inefficiencies with the right solutions. Your company deserves to have only the best treatment so why not take advantage of what current technology can offer? Finally, you can reduce energy costs with this effective system of energy management for your company.

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