Tailored plans with powerful reporting.

  • Tailored solution

    Smart meters need electricity and this does not play well with water. Because of this most smart meter manufacturers use batteries and seal the meter. The more often the meter sends data the faster the meter battery goes flat. We will work with you to understand how often you need data and optimize the hardware to give you the right amount of data at the lowest cost.

  • Utility Solution

    Need to bill tenants for water use? AQUA provides a complete solution to bill each tenant on their own tariff if required. You can apportion common areas or let the software do it for you. Your customers benefit as well by getting access to a full feature suite of reporting on their water usage empowering them with insight into how they use water

  • Analysis and reporting

    Depending on the contract you have with Terra Firma Solutions, we offer a fortnightly or monthly analysis and an automated report that is emailed to you summarising the last two weeks of water consumption, costs and any anomalies our team may have identified.

  • Easy to use

    It is a cloud-based solution that you can access on most devices and has been designed to seamlessly operate with all browsers and operating systems. One login also gives you access to COPPER, the Energy Monitoring and Management dashboard, all on the same platform.

  • Accurate billing

    A core function of any monitoring software is to ensure accurate billing. AQUA has a billing engine built into the software itself which automatically calculates the correct bill so that you can compare with your landlord’s or municipal bill.

  • Regular, frequent data

    Depending on the meter installed and your water management and billing needs, AQUA can display water consumption in as little as 15 minute intervals but more commonly on an hourly basis. This gives you close to real time consumption data for improved water management.

Interact with your data

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  • Platform and device agnostic

    Terra Firma Software ensures that viewing your data is as simple as logging in, regardless of the laptop, smart phone or tablet you are using.

  • Scalable

    Our software has been designed and implemented from day one with scalability in mind. You start with one meter installed to understand basic consumption and costs and grow to include sub-meters for more detailed analysis.

  • Reliable

    A system is only as reliable as the weakest of its components. We aimed to minimise the number of components, and therefore remove potential failure points, as well as designing software and hardware architecture with 100% redundancy to ensure it’s always available and can handle any volume of data.

  • Secure

    Our servers support all major security protocols, protecting against third party tampering.