Unparalleled tariff and billing management

  • Tariff Engine

    Identify where you are under-billing tenants.
    South Africa’s complex billing structure makes is hard to split municipal bills into tenant bills often resulting in under billing. Terra Firma Software’s tariff engine will take care of this for you.

  • Tariff Analysis

    Analyse and evaluate municipal tariffs.
    Time of use (TOU), season, demand charges connectivity and usage all play a factor in your energy cost. Sometimes little changes in when equipment is used or changing your tariff type will save you money from day one.

  • Easy Billing

    Bill tenants easily and accurately with our fully automated solution
    No matter the municipality or tariff structure you will be able to generate billing information for each tenant. Your tenants can also login and get only their bill. The solution is transparent and real time, no more waiting for the municipality. Seamlessly bill your tenants, apportion common area charges and reconcile to your municipal bill.

  • Reconcile Bills

    Reconcile to your monthly bills from Eskom, the Municipality or your Landlord.
    Terra Firma Solutions uses utility grade meters that are the benchmark for accuracy. This means that it is straight forward to compare your bill to your energy supplier and check you’re being billed accurately.

  • Your data is now interactive

    All our products are graphical and interactive. Use our interactive dashboard to look at consumption across your estate. These live views can be used along with content you wish to share about your efficiency programs and displayed to your workforce using our foyer dashboards. This helps to change behaviour by giving staff a view of efficiency projects and helps to educate them on how their behaviour impacts on energy usage.

  • Measure & Manage

    Identify areas of inefficiency and focus on reducing them. We will identify your usage baseline pattern and set up a wastage profile. When usage is above the baseline set for that time of day this information is stored. This is then aggregated into one number so it is easy to measure and see improvement. This makes a hard problem simple to measure and manage.

  • Communicate

    Measure and communicate energy savings through efficiency programmes. Our foyer view dashboard makes it easy to see week-on-week or month-on-month energy usage and cost. By adding information about ways to reduce energy consumption, company announcements and weather you have a great tool for sharing successes and changing behaviour.

  • Real-time

    Receive alerts when your facility is operating inefficiently. With Dashboards and Wallboards you can see in real-time what is happening. SMS notifications can also be set up to inform you when generators go on and off, when your solar plant stops producing energy or if security lights are on when they should not be.

Interact with your data

to last

  • Platform and device agnostic

    Terra Firma Software ensures that viewing your data is as simple as logging in, regardless of the laptop, smart phone or tablet you are using.

  • Scalable

    The software has been designed and implemented with scalability in mind from the first day. Key features include best of class hardware and security with a database that was designed for high volume time based data.

  • Reliable

    A system is only as reliable as the weakest of its components. We aimed to minimise the number of components, and therefore remove potential failure points, as well as designing software and hardware architecture with 100% redundancy to ensure it’s always available and can handle any volume of data.

  • Secure

    Our servers support all major security protocols, protecting against third party tampering.